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Domestic stainless steel wire rope industries should work toward

Chuangyi Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2016

1. in terms of production of stainless steel wire rope skills standards, national standards lower than the leading national standards. Domestic stainless steel wire diameter precision handling larger, usually in the 0.01mm to 0.02mm imports of stainless steel wire ropes steel wire diameter precision control in very harsh, usually within ± 0.03mm. Therefore, the domestic production of stainless steel wire rope should be assigned higher skill standards, improving the durability of stainless steel wire rope.

2. in terms of skill level of heat treatment and heat treatment process of the domestic stainless steel wire rope handling and leading international level has a large difference. Material after heat treatment processes of production of stainless steel wire rope, heat treatment process for the production of stainless steel wire ropes with applied materials must be heated. Abroad because of the high level stainless steel wire heat treatment automatic control, temperature, line temperature lead temperature control is usually less than 5 degrees Celsius, and domestic heat treatment are usually 10 degrees Celsius or higher temperatures, heat treatment process of instability, fatigue of stainless steel wire rope wire break have had a certain impact.

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